Backup Solutions

Hosting Solutions

ComputerWorks provides competitive online hosting of many different services. We can provide Virtual Machine Hosting for a centralized in cloud network. We offer Website/DNS/Email hosting. We also provide off site in cloud backup storage including very competitive pricing on bulk storage when you have exceptional requirements. Some of the hosted solutions includes cloud Domain controllers, Sage and Adagio Accounting software in the cloud, Private email servers such as Exchange or Zimbra. We can essentially make any software and system into a virtualized online experience.

Backup Solutions

Business Backup Solutions 

There is nothing more important to any business than a robust backup solution. A solution designed to provide protection from fire, flood, earthquake, sabotage, and viruses, especially crypto viruses with the ransomware. While cyber-security can reduce the risks greatly there is no 100%, 100% of the time. It is important to have a good internal backup system and a cloud based off site backup solution to ensure that you have multiple copies of your data in multiple types of media with one copy always in a readable ready format. This is called the 3 – 2 – 1 by backup specialists. We provide planning, development and implementation along with the off site data storage.

Cloud Communication Systems

Cloud Communication System

We have partnered up with one of the largest and well known cloud communication companies in the world. Ring Central provides all the features of a expensive PBX business system at a fraction of the cost and at the highest of convenience. Because the system is completely internet based, no special hard ware is required, you can have a complete unified communication system that includes a business number, fax, direct dial numbers, sms text message, group chat, meetings, video conferencing and more at your finger tips. Can setup up an auto attendant to offer callers quick information with out disturbing staff. You can route calls to any employee anywhere they are in the world as long as they have internet. The price is competitive and the feature set is unmatched.

Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber Security Solutions

In todays complex IT environment no one product provides all the protection you need for your business. It takes the layering of multiple products that specialize in key areas to offer the best protection possible. And because this is not 100% a robust backup solution completes the picture. We carefully select multiple tools to function as a complete package to offer protection. This process is always evolving which means we change and switch in and out different tools based on the evolving IT environment.

Backup Solutions

Technical and Business Support 

Our technical support services can help you with many tasks including but not limited to

  • Deployment, upgrade, repairs and configurations of Workstations
  • Server Setup, configuration and optimization
  • Network Management, Issue trouble shooting and support
  • Email, business application and operating support
  • 3rd Party application trouble shooting with in support vendors
  • Mobile, Printer and many other device support
Consulting and Assessments

Consulting and Assessments

Figuring out what you have, what you need and when you need it is part of our consulting services and those answers are found with assessments. We are here to do all the heavy lifting work in figuring out your own needs before you even know what those needs are. We can optimize your budget, improve your network and systems performance and add layers of security, data protection and disaster recovery.