Backup Services and Solutions

Backup Services and Solutions

Enjoy peace of mind with our unique backup program customized to the needs of your business.

From a single professional to an organization with thousands of individuals, ComputerWorks can design, implement and monitor your backups providing that peace of mind administrators look for.

The key to successful backup systems are the ones you do not have to think about, they just work. More importantly they are maintained in multiple locations in different formats, or a strategy called 3-2-1-0.


3: Maintain at least three copies of your data and applications. Two copies as backups and the one working copy.
2: Store your backups on at least two different types of media.
1: Keep one of the backups in a different location.
0: Verification and testing of backups to ensure they actually work.

Process and Strategy

Our strategy is to backup your server to a local storage device and a second backup to our cloud storage facility.

We start with virtualizing your server with world class VMware virtualization software. This allows us to restore to any hardware in the event of an emergency and allows the replacement of servers with dissimilar hardware. In addition to VMware we use Veeam Backup and replication to do the following.

We do Incremental backups which reduce how much backup space is needed and how much network traffic is created for offsite backups.

You have the option of restoring just one file or a complete system restore with the ability to restore at any point in time covered by the retention period.

Backups are fully monitored to ensure they are always working and nightly reports are generated so you know what is happening.

Lastly as part of the service we test backups regularly through out the year to ensure when the time it is needed, the backups work.

As part of our rapid recovery repair service in the event of a failed work station hard drive, or a virus infection that ruins the computer, we also implement end point backup software on each computer with nightly images stored locally on site so our technicians can quickly fix any computer.


  • Less Storage Space and Less Bandwidth needed
  • Recover to different and dissimilar hardware
  • Minimal downtown with fast recovery times
  • Restore from any point in history backed up
  • Nightly and Monthly reporting on backup Status
  • Automatic and scheduled
  • Backups managed and tested by experts.
  • All backups are stored here in British Columbia