Monitors and Displays

ComputerWorks has access to a wide range of monitors from many different vendors at many price points to suite the needs of our clients. From professional class monitors for artists to the classic 4:3 size that fits in special housings we can provide pretty much anything. We have standardized on a small selection which works for the majority of our clients below. If what we have listed isn’t a fit for your needs, please give us a call and we can quote you a monitor that meets your requirements.

ThinkVision T1714p 17-inch Square LED Backlit LCD – SKU 5669849










ThinkVision E2054 19.5-Inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor – SKU 5538659









ThinkVision T2324d 23-inch LED Backlit LCD Monitor – SKU 5699332

t2324d  front angled - left-2







ThinkCentre Tiny-in-One 24 (Dock for Tiny Computers) SKU – 5663128








07_tiny insert into tio2_24inch_ with hand product_photography